Launch faster than ever before with Drivr

Use our powerful, flexible and modular technology stack to develop your own mobility solutions. Create tomorrow’s transportation service using our APIs and SDKs to power your mobility service across the entire value chain, from customer facing apps to back office tools.


On-demand engine

Six years of continuous development have gone into our state-of-the-art, on-demand order booking and dispatching system. Our applications integrate seamlessly into your technology stack, through our extensive range of APIs.


Our real-time, flexible booking engine lets you create and manage bookings easily, handling the whole booking process and integrating seamlessly into your own CRM system.

    • Fully customisable service types

    • • Ridesharing
    • • Carpooling
    • • Fixed route shuttle
    • • Private hire / taxi
    • • Fixed route (Public transport)
    • • Delivery & Logistics routes (Travelling salesman optimization)
    • Real time

    • • Live vehicle position data
    • • ETA calculations, with live traffic updates
    • • Real time data streams
    • • On the fly routing


Our customisable dispatching algorithms get your vehicles where they need to be in the most efficient way possible, taking into account a range of customisable parameters.

    • Selected dispatch parameters

    • • Low ETAs
    • • Fleet mileage targets
    • • Specific routes
    • • Driver rating
    • • Driver idle time
    • • Detour duration and/or distance
    • • And many more...
    • Powerful allocation algorithms

    • • Queue allocations to busy vehicles soon available
    • • Automatic re-routing or route swapping
    • • Real time ridesharing
    • • Dynamic route optimization
    • • On-demand car-pooling algorithms


Our advanced pricing module offers a wealth of options, offering highly customisable pricing models.

    • Choose your own pricing model

    • • Variable by distance, zone or time
    • • Fixed in advance, by distance and traffic conditions
    • • Flat, by zone
    • • Tiered by distance traveled or trip duration
    • • Event-based, for no-shows, late cancellations, etc.
    • Marketplace dynamics

    • • Scheduled rate change by time of day (e.g. rush hour)
    • • Dynamic surge pricing with min / max values
    • • Multipliers by time of day and day of week
    • • Adjustments for VIP customers
    • • Adjustments by booking channels

Control center & mapping

We understand businesses come in different shapes and sizes. Our platform is fully customisable, regardless of location, size or the type of on-demand transportation service you offer, without a price tag to match. Our mapping technology is independent of large mapping providers.

    • Define how you operate

    • • Set parking hub (station based or free floating)
    • • Set restrictions (parking, pick up / drop off or driving)
    • • Automatically route to POIs’ optimal pick up and drop off
    • • Out of bounds asset/user notifications
    • Create multiple service types

    • • Create multiple services (ridesharing, carpooling, car sharing etc.)
    • • Define where / when service types are available
    • • Customise service types (e.g. available seats per vehicle)
    • • Set custom attributes (e.g. bike rack, baby seat etc.)
    • Mapping services

    • • Reverse geocode - mapping provider agnostic
    • • On-demand transport optimized routing (using OSRM)
    • • Create your own POIs and addresses
    • • Define virtual bus stops

Mobile app SDKs

Quick deployment and launch is key to focus on operations and customer onboarding and engagement, instead of spending time building and optimising apps from scratch.

See Peter, our head of mobile, talk about how our SDKs help developers

Build customer facing apps

  • Two factor user authentication flows
  • Area / service type selection
  • User profile and payment management
  • On-demand and pre-booking abilities
  • Analytics, payment and maps plugins
  • Global address lookup plugins
  • Trip history
  • Rating system
  • Loyalty program
  • Build apps for your drivers

  • Turn-by-turn navigation
  • Sign-up and authentication flows
  • License management and validation
  • Location tracking
  • Vehicle state management (e.g. free, reserved, busy etc.)
  • Booking management via push
  • Live supply and demand updates
  • img_SDKs

    Connected Vehicle

    Our plug and play IoT kit allows each vehicle in your fleet to be connected to the cloud. Access to the vehicle control unit to monitor or control various vehicle states, enabling new mobility concepts. We allow DIY car hackers to add support for their vehicles.

    Listen to Due, our head of embedded systems, talk about connecting vehicles to the grid.

    Connect to the vehicle CAN bus

  • Keyless vehicle locking / unlocking
  • Keyless ignition
  • Add Alcolock and schedule restricted access
  • Add dash-cam for crash recording
  • Telematics

  • Speed, acceleration, braking patterns
  • Driver profiles for usage-based insurance
  • Fuel / battery status
  • GPS location
  • Vehicle status (parked, charging)
  • Door open / close
  • Vehicle error codes
  • img_connectedVehicle@2x

    Operations & Management System

    Our suite of APIs and SDKs allow you to connect to our services quickly to build powerful applications to manage operations.

    Hear Jostein, our product director, talk about Drivr's state-of-the-art technology stack.

    Asset management

  • Track vehicle state (e.g. location, mileage etc.)
  • Put vehicles in / out of service
  • Schedule maintenance
  • Track insurance status
  • Manage bookings and fleets

  • Transaction / payment logs
  • Plot fleet distribution
  • Manage bookings and reservations
  • Operations / User Instant messaging
  • VoIP solution with CRM integration
  • Log your key data

  • User profiles
  • Driver profiles
  • Vehicle status and activity
  • Messaging and communication
  • img_ops

    Data Science & business intelligence

    Data collection and processing is central to building a successful on-demand mobility product. We ensure that you have access to a wealth of pre-baked reports and algorithms to analyse performance and improve your business.

    See how Johannes, our head data scientist, ensures all our products are data-driven

    Predict using machine learning

  • ETA prediction algorithms
  • Destination prediction
  • Real time route optimisation
  • Predict and plan

  • Seasonality fluctuation analysis
  • Fleet distribution based on supply/demand predictions
  • Price sensitivity analysis
  • Demand heat maps
  • Scenario analysis and simulation

  • Sandbox environment to test and optimise parameters
  • City traffic simulation tools
  • img_data@2x